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Master in the Psychology of Organizations

Organizational Anthropology

M.Sc. Neuroscience and Behavioural Change (2025)  

What do you need to change to lead change?

Excellent Change Governance: 
Getting maximum value from change initiatives by consciously managing human factors 


Taking conscious control of change initiatives helps you

  • Provide a structured approach to reaching agreement across key decision-makers on the direction and progress of the change initiative. 

  • Ensure key decision-makers focus on the right issues and make decisions quickly based on a good understanding of the intended change outcomes.   

  • Create an escalation point for the Change team to resolve challenging issues.

  • Create strong ownership for the change initiative across the impacted business units (by involving them in the governance and having them own readiness criteria)


Develop a conscious leadership mindset

  • Create coherence between personal drive, business goals and quality of life

  • Use everyday business as a development space

  • Broaden opportunities in stressful situations

  • See and relate rationally to habitual thinking and automatic reaction patterns

  • Undestand emotional strategies

  • Embed motivational needs to achieve comprehensive and sustainable results

  • Empowerment through enhanced  coaching and interview skills

  • Stop wording opinion while others speak

Hans på business gangen staende taler m Mikala.jpg



Professional Executive Coaching 

  • Aligning personal drive, business goals and quality of life

  • Buliding awareness of habitual thinking and automatic reactions

  • Train recognition on emotional strategies

  • Convert ideas into business plans

  • Broaden up ways to execute strategies

Change Governance Leadership - Coach to Change Manager / PM(O) / HR / HRBP / BI

  • Development of your specifik Change Governance Protocol

  • Transition Project Management

  • Buliding custom transition framework

  • Modeling Change Road Map

  • Interim HR Manager (Short time / Part time)

  • Board, Advisory Board or Steering Commitee Member

  • Value stream identification and optimation

  • Implementing / optimizing work standards  (eg LEAN)



Head of Section | Team Strategic Change

Centre for Minister and Executive Management Danish Ministry of Defence

Senior Project Manager

Process & Quality Assurance
Global Connect  (DK / N / S / D ) 

Process & Change Manager

Men­tal He­alth Hospital 
Ca­pi­tal Re­gion of Den­mark

Director of HR-Development 

MACH sarl  (Lux) 

Head of Department 

DanNet Global Roaming  


Volunteer Center  |  Halsnæs Municipality

Business Owner |  Psychotherapist | Organizational Psychologist  

DANSK HYPNOSE Stavanger  (DK / N) 
HRDpartner  (DK / S / N) 

Boards  |  Advisory Boards  

The Danish Masonic Guild / Order of Freemasons
Norwegian-Danish chamber of Commerce
HRD Partner (SME Development)
"Family courses with heart space" (NGO)
Danish Red Cross



Psychodynamic Intervention

 Psychodynamic intervention is the facilitation of a deeper understanding of emotions and other mental processes. It helps people gain greater insight into how their feelings and thinking affect thier work perfomance.

Chartered of University of Roskilde


Systemic Process Consultation

Systemic consulting is strengthening the resources and competencies of the organization to establish sustainable solutions involving employees.

Chartered of University of Roskilde

Solution Focused Theraphy (SF)  + SIGNS OF SAFETY

Focusing on problems only develops the extent and impact of the problem. SF instead examines exceptions to the problem, indentify solution patterns, evaluates them for efficacy, and modifies or reinforce them to work for the disired future.

Chartered of Solution Focus Denmark


Prince 2 Project Management

PRINCE2 project management is a process-based approach that focuses on organization and control over the entire project, from start to finish.

Chartered of Danish Technological Institute / AXELOS  

Project Controlling

Application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters. 

Chartered of Niels Brock Business School  

Human Ressource Develoment

Human Resource Development is the framework for helping employees develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities, which in turn improves an organization's effectiveness.

Chartered of CPH Buiness School West  


Tavistock Leicester Conferences; Interventions on unconscious bias in relations

Chartered of  Roskilde University 

Being First Change Leaders Roadmap

The Change Leader’s Roadmap (CLR) is a change process methodology, providing strategic guidance and change tools to leaders and consultants designing and implementing change of any size or type.

Chartered of  Being First 

Executive Coaching

The Henley Professional Executive Coaching is the world leading and  triple accredited coaching model (AC, ICF, EMCC)

Chartered of  Henley Business School 

Neuroscience for Behavioural Change

All about the brain processes involved in the formation and modification of behavior patterns. 

Chartered by Henley Business School - Triple Crown Accredited University of Reading   

Agile Leadership

Agile leadership is a leadership style that strives to remove roadblocks to success so that employees can be more effective and productive.

MBSR Meditation Instructor

An eight-week evidence-based program that offers secular, intensive mindfulness training to assist people with stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center  by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn

Chartered of Danish Institute of Stress and MindfullWays

LEAN - Leadership of Value Chain Process Design

Lead management is a systematic process in which business processes are qualified, analyzed, and nurtured so errors and deviations can be converted into improvements.

Chartered of Danish Association of Managers Centre of Compentence

Psychiatric  Environmental Therapy

Environmental therapy is a structured therapy carried out by a group of employees to support a group of mental patients.

Clinical Psychiatric Reg. Nurse Specialist Chartered of University Hospital of Bispebjerg

Gov. Authorized Licence in Denmark and Norway 

Safewards implementation

Safewards is a 10 interventions model to improve safety in Psychiatric wards.

Clinical Psychiatric Reg. Nurse Specialist Chartered of University Hospital of Bispebjerg

Gov. Authorized Licence in Denmark and Norway 


Quality and Improvement Model for Psychiatric Wards 

LEAN based PDSA model modified for use in large hospitals 

Clinical Psychiatric Reg. Nurse Specialist Chartered of University Hospital of Bispebjerg

Gov. Authorized Licence in Denmark and Norway




Master of Psychology in Organizations

Master Thesis:  Authenticity in leadership
Thesis:  Emotional cross pressure on middle managers

University Master Degree    
Roskilde University

St MSc in Neuroscience and Coaching for Behavioural Change

Master Thesis: Utilising client's hidden resources in coaching 

Graduation May 2025
Henley Business School
Reading University

Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching

Triple accredited coaching program (AC, ICF, EMCC)

Henley Business School 
Reading University

Organizational Anthropology

University Post Grade / year of two
Aarhus University


Project Management and Controlling

Business School Executive Diploma 
Niels Brock Business College

Human Resource Development

Business Academy  Diploma

Solution Focused Systemic Coaching



Executive LEAN management



Prince2 Project Management

AXELOS Certificate


Being First Change Manager



MBSR Stress  Management Instructor


Reg BN Bachelor in Nursing,  Psychiatric Specialist

University Hospital Bispebjerg

State Authorized Nursing Specialist

The Danish Health Authority

The Norwegian Directorate of Health




Hans i red stol coaching

HR Development

Leadership Development

Business Development

Quality Assurance & Standardization

Political Governance


As Director of HR development I designed and facilitated a serie of training sessions on coaching skills. In this very tight coaching framework, the conflict-affected management team was encouraged to discuss their conflicts.

They developed a strong confidentiality where even very personal challenges were gradually dissolved. The leaders  evolved a close collaboration that lifted the entire organization's ability to deliver. ability to make leaders grow as well

Development of a leadership code of conduct for international executive staff, following a merger with the competitor, created a new common leadership direction. This was a success due to my extend knowledge of how to build empowerment and my pragmatic facilitation of the process.   

Redesigning workflows for business governance whitin between sales, development and customer care at a web service provider created higher customer satisfaction and less time spent on support.

My ability to move the general focus from new software features to strong attention to customer’s needs was an important success parameter in the company’s entry to the international marked.

As Project Manager of large intranet solutions I created a full standardization protocol for quality assurance. The concept emerged from my talent for creating structure and simple solutions to complex problems. It became the basis for a new business area to the consulting house.

As Secretary-General of the establishment of a volunteer center's political, economic and legal independence, I succeeded in engaging and coordinating the enthusiastic projects of 16 NGOs with a common goal of improving the welfare of the vulnerable. The success factor was my ability to communicate authentically and empathetically about value-based strategic policy goals.

Leadership for motivational turn'around for 50 IT specialists in direct reference resulted in a top ranking on employee satisfaction. This was achieved due to my ability to utilize research-based psychological knowledge into converting  resistance into personal development.

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